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We shouldn’t ask: “Why the Addiction?” We should ask “Why the Pain”?


This is an amazing impactful 6-minute video that explains so much about our human nature.

I was asked the other day why I work in child welfare, and I’ve always had many reasons. This video touches on finding a light inside yourself and community. Needing to focus on those things, and not those in power.

EVERYONE in the world suffers from addiction. Whether it’s food, power, video games, music, cigarettes, drugs, alcohol. We all have addictive natures. It really is what causes the hole inside of yourself that needs filling and how you choose to fill it.

This video talks about finding out why a person is in pain that causes their addiction. Not why they’re addicted.

I’ve met so many addicts that do not want to be addicted anymore. It does like this video suggests; steals their beauty, their wealth, their lives, their souls.

Please take a few minutes to watch this video and reflect. Thank you. ~SWSH

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