Dear Legislator (et al)

Dear Legislator,

I write this from the northeastern corner of Ohio, one of the most beautiful areas in Ohio. Lake Erie borders us to the north, beautiful beaches are accessible every summer. Boating, fishing, camping, outdoor activities; all at our disposal. Wineries span the area with amazing covered bridges. Agriculture is thriving and our community is tight. Of course, this is what everyone wants to read and know about. It is often all people pay attention to.

But we have a secret demon lurking through our streets, and we need your help.

Opiates are stealing lives here. They’re tiring out first responders. They’re breaking up families. It’s killing our beautiful community. We need your help.

You may read articles about our “rust belt” community. Journalists report on what they see when they spend a day or two with me. You may read these and think “how terrible”. A few million dollars may be allocated for the entire state (88 counties total). But, by the time it reaches our county it’s like throwing pennies into a wishing well and hoping things change.

We need real help here. We need policy changes. Programs implemented. A war must be fought. And it has to start with you. I worry though, that there may be too many “secrets” involved in the higher ups, and it may be the reason you cannot do anything. Or maybe you can, and choose not to. I read that some have financial kick backs and rewards for allowing this drug epidemic to go on. Conspiracy theorists say it’s population control. I say it’s a war. And I am willing to fight back. But I need your help.

You need to listen to those of us on the front lines. We need funding, we need housing, we need programs, we need support. Not budget cuts, or re-allocation of funds. National health crisis, sure. But it’s more than that. And since that’s been declared, what has changed in my small community? Dozens of more deaths have happened. Nothing has changed other than talks of what could happen.

My community is fighting back with little to no resources. But we could win this battle if you provided the resources. Please listen. Please, spend a day with me and look into the eyes of these families. These children. Please, listen. Please, help.



To anyone who reads this and thinks “what can I do”. Contact your local administrators. State and local level. Start there. Go higher. Write to your officials. Let them know we have a voice. Tell them your stories. Make them listen.

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