Ezra’s Story Part 2: Ezra and Lain together with their forever family

Today you will hear the second part of this ongoing story about Ezra. For those who have not read the first part of this story, please click here to read part one. 


Introducing Ezra (Elam), his brother Lain (Josh), and their new parents Marcy and Ed Fisher (Mary and Tom).

Ezra (bottom) and Lain (top) on Lain’s first day of school.

Ezra’s Brother Lain has come home

To pick up where we left off, at the beginning of July I told Ezra’s story and how he came into care. He lived at our agency for several days before finding a local family, who wanted to take this little boy that no one seemed to want. Orphaned by not one, but both of his parents due to tragic overdose deaths. Another child orphan of the opiate epidemic. When I last wrote, Marcy and Ed were considering taking in Ezra’s brother Lain as well. Lain, much like his brother, has high special needs. But that’s not what was hindering Marcy and Ed. The space in their house was difficult to overcome as they didn’t have any room. But they were determined to make it work, for now.

Lain came to live with Ezra and his family and it was a perfect fit. The day Marcy and Ed drove to get Lain, he and Ezra saw each other and it was like they were truly “home”. Brothers reunited and happy again. Lain came home with them and has remained ever since.

I’ve had the opportunity to visit them several times throughout the past couple months and as for the improvements and changes in these boys, all I can say is WOW.

Ezra is speaking! Very clearly I might add. Marcy makes Ezra use words for anything he wants and he is making huge strides each day. He does have a touch of stubbornness, as most five-year-olds do. I watched him demand a graham cracker but refused to say the word. He left for a few minutes, as Marcy did not give in, and returned to finally say “Cracker”. This may seem small, but after what I saw when Ezra lived at our agency and how far he’s come, he’s a different child. Speaking of eating, he no longer eats just Cool Ranch Doritos. He has moved on to numerous other foods, and drinks from cups and bottles now…he’s left the faucet behind. Ezra has become affectionate as well. While he still pinches out of mostly excitement, it’s definitely subsided. He gives hugs and kisses freely and smiles a gigantic beautiful smile.

Lain has integrated into the family beautifully as well. Lain is much more verbal than Ezra, but it appears that encourages Ezra to use more words. The first time I met Lain, he played with my hair and said “pretty”. He then told me he was going to school this year to get a girlfriend and smiled a devilish smile. It was so innocent and cute. He could not wait to go to school, as he really has never attended before, and is nine years old.

The change in both of these boys has been absolutely astounding. I have never seen such an improvement in children so quickly. It is clear that while both boys have autism, the delays were likely due to a lot of neglect. Marcy and Ed have worked very hard very quickly and they are turning into typical boys.

Ezra and Lain need a much larger home

As I sat in this family’s very tiny home, I felt completely surrounded by love and affection. Ezra is completely a mommy’s boy and goes to Marcy for kisses, hugs, and reassurance. Ed is the “big teddy bear” dad. He roughhouses with the boys, tickles them and wrestles with them. But though this home is full of love it is bursting at the seams. Lain, Ezra, Marcy, and Ed are all sleeping on beds in their tiny living room. They have an upstairs, but lest we forget, Marcy and Ed have children of their own. Marcy’s daughter is special needs and has a room upstairs. Her son as well, who is 13, also has a room upstairs. This family of four went to a family of six very quickly, and there is absolutely no space left for anyone to move.

Any of you who are parents know that parenting is hard. As a mom or dad, we need space sometimes! I sat across the table from Marcy, watching her constantly move here and there, getting snacks, keeping the boys out of things, putting their shoes on, then off, then on. She’s tired and she’s a mom! Ed tells her to go take a break and rest and he’ll handle the kids. But where? Right behind where I’m sitting is the “bedroom” in the living room. There is no room for Marcy to take a break. They really are bursting at the seams, and this family deserves their own space so they can continue to help the boys grow.

Marcy and Ed talked about their nightly rides looking for a new house. Since my previous blog, a local church that flips houses has reached out and is willing to do this for the family, but after doing a walkthrough, there is no space to expand this house they are currently living in. The agreement was to look for another larger house, inexpensive, and the church agreed to “flip” the house. The only catch is somewhere, the cost of materials needs to be covered.

Marcy and Ed would take the boys every night and ride around town looking for a house. The boys absolutely love their nightly rides. It became almost a ritual for the past few months. They found a few different places, but they didn’t meet the needs of the family. Many families can just choose a house they like and purchase the house. Marcy and Ed don’t have the ability to do that. With two young, very high special needs boys, they have to consider location, access to roads, fenced in yards, safety, and space in the home. Finances are also a consideration, and like most families with four children, they’re limited.

About two weeks ago, Marcy called me and was so excited that they finally found a house. Conveniently, it’s two blocks from where they live now! The house belonged to a family friend’s mother, who passed, and the family agreed to sell the house to Marcy and Ed. This house has enough space, and the yard, for all six family members. But, it is very old and outdated. It also requires updates and renovations to make it work for the family, including moving walls in upstairs bedrooms, adding a bedroom for Marcy and Ed, electrical repairs, and most importantly a fence in the yard.

How my readers can help

My original story about Ezra was a call to help. I felt the need to help this family expand the home, for their expanded hearts and family. This time, we have a plan.

I have created a gofundme account to help raise money for the cost of materials to renovate Ezra and his family’s new home. But it doesn’t stop there. If you are interested and able to volunteer anything, please contact me.

We need an electrician, a mason, and a FENCE!

Time, monetary donations, skills, all are welcome here.

Let’s help this family with the room they need to provide for these precious boys. Boys who lost both parents to the opiate crisis but have since gained so much with their new parents.

Marcy and Ed took these children in blindly; just by receiving a call. They are giving Ezra and Lain a forever home.

Now let’s help give them all the structure for their “forever home”.



The link to the GoFundMe Account can be found here: GoFundMe Fundraiser for Renovations on Elam’s new home

It will also be shared on social media pages. Please contact me directly through my e-mail or social media pages if you are interested in donating time or skills, or materials, to the renovations for this family. 

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